The Best Robot Vacuums For Under $200

Best Budget Vacuum

When you think about shopping for a robot vacuum, most savvy people think of innovative Roomba range. While the Roomba has set the standard for other robot vacuum cleaners to follow, these days people don’t need to pay out a small fortune to purchase one. Robotic vacuum cleaning design and tech has travalled a long way in recent years, and this means that they aren’t just a deluxe item for the for the rich and affluent. For any member of the general public it’s time that you stopped working hard and slaving every day to clean your floors.

Get yourself a robot that is able to sweep, vacuum, and mop for you whenever you want it to! So if you are looking for the best robot vacuums for $200, or less  you have definitely come to one place.

Here are The Best Budget Robot Vacuums For $200 Or Less

The best budget robot vacuum

ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner 

The Best Robot Vacuums For $200 Or Less

If you are looking for a vacuum that is a thing of the future, then this robotic vacuum is right up your street. The ECOVACS Deebot N79S  uses intelligent smartphone technology, this allows its owners to monitor cleaning schedules, check the battery life, and get error messages directly to their cell phones! The battery on this robot lasts up to 100 minutes, which is more than enough to give a thorough clean to virtually any size room. The vacuum cleaner also features an innovative 3 level cleaning system which includes: a helix brush-roll, a direct suction vacuum and dual side brushes. The Deebot N79S also comes with  anti collision and drop sensor sensors, making it one of the safest robot vacuums around today, so you won’t have to worry about it bumping into your feet when you walk around. It is therefore no wonder why we think this is the best robot vacuums for $200 or less.

Ecovacs N79S

Deik Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The Best Robot Vacuums For $200 Or Less

Most robot vacuum cleaners just suck up dust on your floor but the Deik robotic vacuum cleaner takes it to a whole new level. This robot has a built in water tank because, on top of vacuuming and sweeping your floor, it also has the function to wet mop for you. This model comes equipped with five different cleaning modes, including one that uses a gyro sensor to clean your house more efficiently. In addition to the above, this vacuum is not going to bump into anyone or anything in your home and it won’t fall down the stairs. We promise! Best of all, when it has finished cleaning or when it’s running low on battery, it will return to its docking station .

 Ecovacs N79S

PUCRC99 PureClean Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

The Best Robot Vacuums For $200 Or Less

One of the go to features that anyone wants in any robot vacuum is the schedule when the robot will clean your home, Because there is nothing more frustrating than a tiny robot bumping into your feet while you walk around the house, this is why this Pure Clean robot vacuum cleaner can be programmed to clean during specific times of the day. In addition, this robot will look for its charging dock when the battery is running low, or after it finishes cleaning your home. With more attachments than  you can shake a finger at, this programmable robot is just perfect for someone who wants to come home to clean floors every single day or night.

Ecovacs N79S


PureClean Robot Vacuum Cleaner PUCRC95

The Best Robot Vacuums For $200 Or Less

Like the other models in the Pure Clean ranges, this particular model can be scheduled to clean at any point of the day or night, and it will navigate back to its docking station when it needs to fill up on juice. The great thing about this particular robot vacuum is low enough to comfortably fit under most beds couches and furniture, making it the best robot vacuum for $200 or less to clean those otherwise unreachable areas. This vacuum comes equipped with dual rotating brushes to catch all the grime and dirt on your floor, guaranteed. There isn’t a spot on your floor that this vacuum can’t keep clean. Unless, of course, it’s tiled. This robot works best on hardwood and carpet floors.  

ILIFE A3s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Best Robot Vacuums For $200 Or Less

The ILIFE V3s Pro is great for pet owners, as this robotic vacuum is designed to pick up pet dander and dust. It has a slim, tangle free design, perfect for busy people who want to spend more time with their pets and less time vacuuming. The vacuum works best on hardwood floors and low pile carpet. The device is cordless, so there’s no need to worry about having to plug it up when it is in use or charger. Along with being cordless, the vacuum also has a feature called auto charge, in which that when the device’s battery is low, it automatically returns itself to its charging station. Its slim design as mentioned earlier allows the vacuum to reach under furniture and even the deepest corners of your house. The only negatives of this product are that the vacuum has a limited battery life, only being about to vacuum for an average of two hours at a time before having to be recharged. Another con is that the vacuum does not seem to do equally as well on hardwood and carpet. It seems to do best on hardwood and laminate floors but does not get carpet as clean as one might be used to. With that in mind, those who have hardwood, laminate, or tile floors may get the most positive experience out of this robotic vacuums, while those with carpet might find their carpets to be not as clean.


eufy Boost IQ RoboVac 11S

The Best Robot Vacuums For $200 Or Less

SAMSUNG Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The RoboVac 11c robot vacuum cleaner is an awesome choice for those with hardwood floors and thicker, medium pile carpets. This vacuum comes with a  1200 Pa high suction, which means that it is able to reach deep inside  carpets to suck up dust, dirt, and debris that may have been trapped within your rug or carpets. Its 2 sides brushes help sweep up pet hair, so it is a perfect robot vacuum cleaner for families who have dogs and cats in their house. This vacuum cleaner also has the functionality for wifi connection to allow you to schedule cleaning times through the device’s app. Also an innovative feature available with this particular robot is the voice-activated cleaning. The robotic vacuum itself has compatibility with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, this means your home can be cleaned completely hands free. The robovac 11c has four cleaning modes: edge, auto, spot, and max, which is amazing for pet accidents and small messes. This device also comes with boundary strips, which enable the vacuum to stay within certain locations where the strips are laid. The exterior and cover of the device are both scratch resistant which will prevent wear and tear. Overall, this is one of the best robot vacuums for $200 or less on the market today and has been awarded a star buy from


ECOVACS Deebot N78 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Best Robot Vacuums For $200 Or Less

Whilst of the specifications found in this robot vacuum are pretty standard for the price. This robot comes with a self charging battery, innovative sensors to avoid stairs and furniture, and a great suction system that picks up hair and dirt without any hassle, the best selling points of this ECOVACS Deebot N78 robot vacuum is how dedicated the company is to fixing any problems you may have. This vacuum come with a one year warranty. However, you can call their customer service line at any time and they will happily troubleshoot any problems you’re having with your new device.

Housmile Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The Best Robot Vacuums For $200 Or Less

SAMSUNG Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Just because a robot vacuum is cheap, it doesn’t mean it sucks (pardon the pun), and this particular robotic vacuum proves just that. In a short amount of time the Housmile robotic vacuum cleaner has become a huge success, it does almost everything that the more expensive robots do. It has a amazing innovative sensor system to prevent it from bumping into furniture and falling down stairs. The vacuum comes with two brushes attached to remove dust and debris from your floor, and its battery can last over 90 minutes. The only issue with this model is that it tends to struggle picking up pet hair. It is also worth noting that it doesn’t automatically return to the docking station when it needs to charge. However, we have to admit it, that this is another one of the best robot vacuums for $200 or less and has been awarded our star buy status

ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Vacuum 

The Best Robot Vacuums For $200 Or Less

The ILIFE V5s Pro is now regarded by most as one of the best robot vacuums available to buy  right now. This slim line vacuum is designed to clean anywhere in your home with its built-in vacuum, sweeping, and mopping function. What makes this robot vacuum stand out from its peers, is that it glides over uneven flooring with ease,  and this also includes tiles. Most of the budget robot vacuums won’t touch tiled floors, but the ILIFE V5s Pro does it without any issues! This is by far one of the best vacuums in this list. but does tend to fluctuate in price, so check below before you buy

Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner

coredy robot vacuum cleaner

As if life doesn’t get any better than a little robot that is able to vacuum up messes as you go, the Coredy robot vacuum cleaner sweeps, mops, and vacuums automatically. Coredy confidently claim that their R500 is smart enough to clean an entire level of your home with ease.

This intelligent robot vacuum cleaner isn’t just smart, it has a stylish design that can navigate under low spaces for superb cleaning. This slim line robot will reach spaces that you haven’t ever thought of and it is perfect for pet fur and general dust and mess.

Speaking of pets and little ones, the R500 robot vacuum comes with an on board dual anti-collision system, so, babies, corners and canines are safe. The cleaning system comes with 12 infrared sensors and a bumper that detects changes in floor type.

This smart robot will clean for nearly 2 hous for each full battery charge, and once it finishes cleaning before it has a low battery, the robot vacuum will still return to the home dock to top off on battery juice.

You can combine all of these awesome features with its 550ml dustbox and with an intense maximum vacuum power mode this model is almost too good to be true.  According to Coredy, their R500 model won’t stop until the job is done.

That concludes our list of the best robot vacuums for $200 or less. Did we miss anything? Let us know!  Whilst we have made every effort to bring you the best and most accurate list, please appreciate that prices change, so some models may be a little more expensive than $200. However, at the time of publication, we can confirm that all models were under $200. 

If you are still unsure, then visit our budget vacuum cleaner section for an even greater choice


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