The Best Robot Mops Reviewed 2020

The Best Robot Mop

Sourcing the best robot mops can be a frustrating and confusing experience, especially for first-time buyers. Whilst shopping for standard robot vacuum cleaners can be relatively simple, there are a number of things that one needs to consider before purchasing a robot mop. Even though robot mop technology has notoriously been quite behind conventional robot vacuums, the best robot mops are increasingly becoming popular with tech and gadget lovers. it is worth noting that there are several top cleaning brands that now specifically manufacture robot vacuum cleaners with a dry and wet mopping function. Other brands build cleaners with only a single function; mopping. The end result of this is a flooded market with hundreds of products, something that leaves most customers in a dilemma not knowing which is the best robot mop is for them.

So, today, we decided to help you out in shopping for the best robot mops in the market. We assembled a list of over 20 robot vacuum cleaners and robot mops and finally settled on 5.

So, without further ado, here is our review of the best robot mops to buy in 2020.

5. iRobot Braava jet 240 Robot Mop

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This vacuum cleaner from the Brava series is by far one of the best robot mops on the market, and we just had to feature it in our list. It is worth noting that this is the only robot mop that features on our list that is specifically designed for mopping, all of the other devices are combination robots that both mop and vacuum. This mop can go anywhere in your house to ensure there are no streaks and stains on your floor. It also delivers exceptional performance and from a price perspective it is really affordable . Here is a quick video demonstrating how this robot works

The advantages and disadvantages.


Cleans everywhere – This robot mop comes with a low-profile design that allows it to go everywhere and anywhere in your house.

Highly versatile  – This robotic cleaner can clean a range of floor types including hardwood, tile, lino, vinyl and so on.

Clears Stains – If your floor has stains and grease, the wet mopping mode will clear all the stains.

Virtual Walls – This robotic cleaner comes with its own Virtual Walls that allows your to restrict it from going into  certain areas.


Single Function – Compared to several other options in the market, the Braava jet 240 only mops.

Perhaps the best thing about the Braava 240 robot mop is its design. It has a very low-profile and square shape that allows it to maneuver its way everywhere in your house. This robot mop is just 3.3-inches tall  and weighs only 3lbs, meaning that it is really easy to transport from room to room. It can reach under beds, sofas, kitchen cabinets, around chair legs and even your toilet. To enable it to navigate around your house seamlessly, iRobot included a full set of navigation sensors to help it master the layout of your house. These sensors also tell the robot where there are cliffs to stop it from dropping off the stairs of any steps.

In terms of cleaning, the Braava 240 robitic Mop offers unsurpassed mopping across a range of floors. It works really well with hardwood, stone, tile, vinyl and lino floors. The microfiber pad scrubs the floor gently using the mop pad that adjusts itself to be in full contact with floors. Furthermore, the system detects the kind of surface it is cleaning and automatically switches to an ideal cleaning mode (wet mopping, damp sweeping or dry sweeping) with regards to the floor type. The Braava jet 240 has a precision jet spray that rigorously loosens all dirt and stains. Operating it is very easy. To clean, you only need to attach the pad and just press CLEAN. Changing the cleaning pad after use is very simple and you won’t have to touch dirt because iRobot included a one-touch eject button.

Final Verdict
Even though this cleaner can only mop, it does it really is one of the best robot mops on the market. This model us also ideal for anyone who already has a robot vacuum cleaner that doesn’t have a mop function. It cleans even the most hard-to-reach places in your house and makes sure your floors remain comprehensively clean. Its price is affordable and so is its general performance. If you are looking for reliability on a budget, then the iRobot Braava jet 240 robot mop will be your perfect purchase.



Best robot mops reviewed 2018

 irobot roomba robot vacuum cleaners


An amazing robot cleaner that you really should consider when shopping for a cleaner for mopping floors is the ECOVACS DEEBOT N78. Even though its main function is vacuuming, this robotic vacuum cleaner also mops floors leaving them glistening. The great thing about this model is that you can choose between wet and dry mopping. Here is a video of how this robot works

The Advantages and Disadvantages 


Versatility – This cleaner can vacuum floors, mop and even clean pet hair and allergens.

Wet & Dry Mopping – Besides sweeping and vacuuming, the DEEBOT N78 can be used for both wet and dry mopping.

Easy Operation – Straight from its box, you can easily operate it and besides, there’s a remote control.

Longer Battery Life – This cleaner can run for over 100 minutes which is quite impressive considering its price.


No Wi-Fi – Even though it is a low-budget vacuum cleaner, the inclusion of Wi-Fi could have made it a better robot cleaner.

The DEEBOT N78 sports a simple and compact design and is highly portable. It stands at only 3.3-inches allowing it to go under beds, sofas, kickstands and other household furniture. In addition to this, there is a pair of self-adjusting wheels that adjust to uneven surfaces like natural wood, short-pile carpets and textured floors for maximum brush contact. To ensure everywhere is cleaned, the vac uses Smart Motion cleaning path which ensures the cleaner covers your floor multiple times. For its navigation, ECOVACS engineered this cleaner with Object Detection technology that maps out your house and helps it avoid collisions. There are also a set of anti-drop sensors that detect cliffs to prevent it from dropping off the stairs.

Regarding its cleaning performance, the ECOVACS DEEBOT N78 offers 3-in-1 cleaning. It can sweep, vacuum and mop thus making it such a great and versatile cleaner. In vacuuming, it works in just the same way as normal robot vacuum cleaners. It has high vacuuming power with direct suction that ensures all dirt including pet hair is vacuumed into the 0.5 L dustbin. If you’d like to mop your house, you simply need to attach the microfiber cleaning cloth to the tank and that’s it. On the other hand, the High-Efficiency Filtration system filters out allergens and purifies the air. To ensure the cleaner does exactly what you want, there are multiple cleaning modes; Auto, Spot and Edge cleaning modes.

The DEEBOT N78 has been built with a 3000mAh NiMH rechargeable battery. It can power the cleaner for a cool 110 minutes and takes 4-5 hours to fully charge. There is an integrated charging base where the cleaner automatically goes to when the battery level goes down. It also has auto-resume capabilities.

Final Verdict
The ECOVACS DEEBOT N78 is a superb choice for anyone looking for a robot mop. Besides mopping, you can use it in vacuuming thus canceling the need of buying another separate machine for vacuuming. Its price is pocket-friendly and its performance is impressive. If you are on a budget, get this robot vacuum and kill two birds with one stone!


3. iLIFE V5s Pro 2-in-1

the best robot mops reviewed 2018

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The iLIFE V5s Pro is the elite vacuum cleaner in the iLIFE V5s Series. It owes much of its design and features to its twin the Ilife V5s. However, the Pro series is bigger and better in terms of performance. Here is a review of the iLIFE V5s Pro, but first, its pros and cons. one of the best robot mops around


The Advantages and Disadvantages


2-in-1 Functionality – The V5s Pro can vacuum and mop simultaneously.

i-Dropping Technology – This new technology ensures that during mopping, water is used efficiently and also protects inner components from damage that can be caused by leaks.

Max Mode – The V5s Pro has been built with Max Mode that delivers more suction power for deep carpet cleaning.

Low-Noise Operation – With this cleaner, you can go about your normal schedule with minimal interruption.

Powerful Battery – This cleaner has a powerful battery that can last for over 100 minutes.


No Wi-Fi – It is such a setback for the iLIFE V5s Pro for not having Wi-Fi.

Navigation – The cleaner gets stuck especially in high-traffic rooms.

By design, the iLIFE V5s Pro has been designed to ensure it can go just anywhere. It stands at 3-inches and weighs only 4.5lbs. To guarantee easy and smooth movement, the V5s Pro has large off-road RoadRover wheels that can get it just anywhere. When it comes to navigation, iLIFE built this cleaner with a full set of advanced sensors that help it avoid obstacles and most importantly, plan its cleaning.

The iLIFE V5s Pro is not in itself a mop only; it offers 2-in-1 cleaning. It can vacuum and mop simultaneously and that is why it features in this list of the best robot mops in the market. iLIFE engineered this cleaner with an elaborate brush system that first sweeps all the dirt in your room. After this, it vacuums all the dirt, and for carpets, you can activate the Max Mode which delivers 5x more suction power making this cleaner ideal for carpets as well as pet hair.

In mopping, you can opt for either wet or dry mopping depending on your preference. The cleaner has a large 0.3 L water tank with i-dropping technology. This unique technology ensures precise wet mopping and allows water to drop only when the cleaner is in motion. This technology also prevents water overflow which can be hazardous especially when water reaches the electrical components. On the other hand, the large microfiber mop cloth is gentle on floors and removes all dirt, stains, and grime from floors.

The V5s Pro has a high-performance battery that comes with fade-free technology which guarantees long use before needing a replacement. On a full charge, this vacuum cleaner does around 110-120 minutes. The V5s Pro also has a remote control, schedule cleaning, 4 cleaning modes and self-recharge & resume function.

Final Verdict
The iLIFE V5s Pro 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mop Function is a great robot vacuum cleaner that offers versatility and is very reliable. It can sweep, vacuum and mop simultaneously. So, if you are on a budget and you want a cleaner that will do all the work, then the iLIFE V5s Pro can be a great purchase for you.



the best robot mop reviewed 2018

irobot roomba robot vacuum cleaners


The ECOVACS DEEBOT M80 Pro is another superb solution for anyone looking for a cleaner for mopping floors. It boasts of 2-in-1 cleaning; vacuum and mop and a large V-shaped brush for more lifting. The best thing about this robot vacuum cleaner is the Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to control the cleaner remotely. Here is the review of the DEEBOT M80 Pro.

The Advantages and Disadvantages.


2-in-1 Cleaning – With the M80 Pro, you can vacuum and mop simultaneously.

Instant Drying – This is a new and unique feature that ensures floors are dried instantly after mopping

Versatility – This vacuum cleaner is ideal for a range of floors as well as carpets, pet hair and allergens.

Wi-Fi – The DEEBOT M80 Pro comes with Wi-Fi which allows you to control the cleaner from your Smartphone.

Voice-Activated Control – It is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for easy remote operation.


Troubled Navigation – This cleaner is not ideal for high-traffic rooms

Even though it is quite heavy, the M80 Pro still maintains a low profile design. It weighs approximately 9.7lbs and stands at 3.3-inches. Its height allows it to creep under most household furniture without any problem. Besides this, it has a full set of navigation and obstacle detection sensors that guide the vacuum cleaner when in operation. There are also cliff sensors that prevent it from falling off the stairs.

The cleaning performance of the DEEBOT M80 Pro is its cornerstone. It sweeps, vacuums and mops. Amazing enough, it dries floors, unlike other robot mops that will leave floors wet for some time. First, the V-shaped brush design lifts more dirt and debris from floors and especially carpets. Thereafter, the high-performance motor produces high suction power that vacuum all the dirt into the large dustbin that requires less human intervention. If you’d like to mop, you only need to attach the mopping cloth and there you go. On the other hand, its High-Efficiency Filters make sure you are left with allergen-free breathable air thus making this cleaner a superb purchase for those with allergies too.

When it comes to convenience, the M80 Pro is fully packed with the best convenience features. It has been engineered with Wi-Fi and App compatibility. This feature enables you to operate your cleaner right from the Smartphone App. Besides this, it is compatible with Voice-Activated control. You can tell it what to do and it will surely comply. Other features include scheduling, self-recharging and 4 cleaning modes (Auto, Edge, Spot, and Intensive modes).

Final Verdict
The ECOVACS DEEBOT M80 Pro can be a great purchase for those who love convenience. Wi-Fi and Voice-Activated control make is among the best robot vacuum cleaners in the market. This high-performance vacuum cleaner also offers unrivaled cleaning with the vacuum, mop, and dry function. Even though its navigation is not ideal for high-traffic rooms, the M80 Pro is worth every penny and one of our best robot mops in this review!


1. bObsweep PetHair Robotic Vacuum Cleaner



bObsweep has long been known for their innovative products, among them, the bObsweep PetHair. This robot vacuum cleaner comes packed with some of the best features we have seen in robotic vacuum cleaners. Here is a review of the bObsweep PetHair. But before that, let’s look at how this remarkable robot works

The Advantages and Disadvantages 


5-in-1 Cleaning – This cleaner can sweep, vacuum, mop, sterilize and purify the air.

Highly Versatile – This cleaner is ideal for hardwood floors, vinyl, tile, carpet floors and even pet hair and allergens.

Easy Operation – The bObsweep PetHair comes with a remote control and a large LCD.

Long Battery Life – This cleaner has been equipped with a powerful Lithium X-AMPlified Battery.

Boundary Marking – The bObsweep PetHair comes with a bObi blOck digital barrier for boundary marking.


Very Tall – It can’t get under some household furniture because it’s very tall.

The bObsweep PetHair sports a sleek and stylish design and is pet-friendly. It stands and 3.9-inches and at 7.7lbs, this cleaner is quite bulky. In our opinion, bObsweep should have worked hard enough to make sure this cleaner is compact, lightweight and above all, maintain a low-profile design. This cleaner also has a large LCD as well as a remote control for easy operation.

In terms of cleaning performance, the bObsweep PetHair is a general house cleaner. It cleans a range of floor types and besides, it can clean pet hair and allergens. In fact, it is among the best cleaners for pet hair. With this cleaner, you can comfortably sweep, vacuum, mop and UV sterilize floors. In addition, it has air purification capabilities for allergy sufferers.

This cleaner has a set of brushes that sweep dirt in the path of the cleaner as well as its sides. Thereafter, The dirt is suctioned into the 1 L bin courtesy of the 7500 RPM TurboLift Motor that produces high suction power. This makes it a great cleaner for carpets too. The mopping cloth on the other hand gently cleans floors leaving them to sparkle clean. The icing on the cake is the UV sterilization and air purification function courtesy of the 400Nm UV lamp and HEPA filter.

For navigation, the bObsweep PetHair uses Infrared sensors to help the cleaner avoid obstacles. There is also a dirt sensor, OBD-R, and anti-drop sensors to prevent it from dropping off the stairs. To ensure it completes all its cleaning schedules, bObsweep engineered its battery with a 2200mAh X-AMPlified Lithium-Ion battery.

Final Verdict
If you are looking the daddy of the best robot mops, then the bObsweep PetHair should top your wish list. Its 5-in-1 cleaning ability is comparable to none. Besides, it has an LCD and remote for easy operation. Looking at its price and extras, this vacuum cleaner is just the best robot vacuum cleaner with mopping function. This robot is therefore our star buy.


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