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Best Affordable Robot Vacuum

Are you looking for an affordable robot vacuum cleaner? In this guide, you will find the crucial information that will help you choose the best robot vacuum cleaners for under $200.

Today, having the right accessories for cleaning is essential, especially since there is no real-time spent to make them accurately. By buying great appliances, everything becomes much more straightforward.

The number of families who have chosen to buy a new robot vacuum cleaner is growing every day, universally considered a useful and indispensable accessory.

Why Do You Need A Robot Vacuum?

In principle, there are six aspects to pay attention to when looking to purchase an affordable robot vacuum:

  • Suction efficiency
  • Intelligence
  • Smart functionality
  • Maintenance
  • Autonomy
  • Price

Best Robot Vacuums Under $200 in 2020

Below is a list of the best robotic vacuum cleaners under $200 on Amazon :

Eufy RoboVac11S Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S Robot Vacuum Cleaner with a 1300Pa power can clean up all dirt. Round in shape and with an elegant and simple design, this robot vacuum cleaner has a diameter of 32.5 cm which allows it to move easily between the legs of chairs and tables and a height of just over 7 cm.


Thanks to BoostIQ technology it is able to automatically adjust the suction power and, being equipped with proximity and fall sensors, it is able to recognize obstacles, approach it carefully and clean along the edges without scratching or causing dents on the surfaces or, in the case of stairs, without running the risk of falling.

The RoboVac possesses a lithium-ion battery offering upto 100 minutes of non-stop cleaning.


  • Remote Control
  • Autonomous


  • Random Movements at times

Ecovacs Robot Deebot N79S Cleaner

Among the best affordable robot vacuum cleaners with advanced features, we find the ECOVACS Robotics DEEBOOT N79S model. This brand is conquering an increasingly large pool of experts thanks to the excellent performance and the excellent quality/price ratio. Smart features and app control (ECOVACS Home) are a plus.


It is also possible to program its operation remotely. Fully compatible with Alexa and Google Home, it also allows voice control.


The robot has a MAX mode, which allows a powerful and deep aspiration; it is also perfect for cleaning carpets. Like the model seen above, it is equipped with anti-fall and anti-obstacle sensors and can return to its dock to recharge once the battery is exhausted.


The autonomy is about 100 minutes, while the charging times can be improved but still acceptable (4 hours).


  • Value for money
  • Smart functionality and remote control
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home


  • Absence of mapping
  • Charging times can be improved.
  • Return to the base often difficult (especially in the presence of carpets)

Goovi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This Goovi robotic vacuum cleaner looks stunning and works intensely. With a conservative size 12.6 x 2.8 x 12.6 inches, it’s little, however exceptionally effective and savvy.

It cleans your floor, rugs with exertion with amazing attractions 1600 Pa, which is once in a while observed among well-known vacuum cleaners available. Besides the keen capacities like auto return after recharging, the protective sensor to get itself far from obstacles and stairs dropping, the vacuum is most described by its intensive cleaning, which implies it’s acceptable to find dust stowing away under beds couches, along with dividers and corners. Also, it has a couple of modes to set for various purposes, as pre-set vacuuming while you are not home.

The Goovi affordable robot vacuum accompanies a couple of side brushes, a channel, a controller, and an increasingly different frill, considering the fantastic capacities and the cost of $189.99 on Amazon.


  • Value for money
  • Excellent for hair and animal hair


  • Absence of laser mapping, WiFi and other smart functions
  • Limited accessories included

iLife V3s Pro Robot Vacuum

This iLife V3s robot vacuum cleaner is one of the most purchased low end or below the $200 price.

This robot has numerous features that we usually find in the more expensive models. Among the main features, we find four cleaning modes, the “Updated Filter” mode, the automatic return to the dock for recharging, and numerous sensors to overcome obstacles and avoid stairs. Overall it is a small but effective product and a great affordable robot vacuum.

With over 800 customer reviews and 500 answered questions, the iLife V3s Pro is the best in the low end, both for its many features and because it filters, sucks and washes floors.

Pros: inexpensive, quiet, does a good job cleaning Cons: random pattern cleaning, cleaning timer can only be set for daily time not for what day of the week, small dust bin must be emptied every cleaning., tangles in cords easily.


  • Integrated Auto-sensor for movements


  • Random movements at times

Coredy Robot Vacuum cleaner

The Coredy Robot Vacuum cleaner is a fascinating device because, despite the price, it has a wide range of features that make it versatile and a good purchase for those who do not have exceptional needs.

The brand offers with this model a 4-in-1 with washing function. With a 550ml dust container, it has an autonomy of about 120 minutes (which reduces to 90min at maximum power) and is suitable for rooms up to 120sqm and for all surfaces, including parquet.

It is equipped with a HEPA filter, Anti-collision sensors, and Anti-drop sensors. It has a suction power of 1700pa, sufficient for daily cleaning (at least at the maximum power level). The washing function can be improved, but it must be said that finding a flawless 4-in-1 at this price is practically impossible.  The noise level is also right (60 db).


  • Value for money
  • Schedule Cleaning


  • Malfunctions a few times

iMartine C800 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

On the same price range, we find another guarantee of the iMartine brand. The iMartine C800 Robot vacuum cleaner is a basic but complete and efficient model.


The most positive aspects are the quality/price ratio and some proprietary technologies of the company that make it a device with respectable cleaning performance and an amazing affordable robot vacuum cleaner.


This  iMartine product is an excellent solution for removing animal hair and specks of dirt with a 550Ml dustbin. With an Anti-Collision Sensor, the C800 can recognize walls and ensure thorough cleaning even at baseboards.


The noise is average but still good (60 db). The autonomy is probably improved (about 1-1.5 hours), but the charging times are quite good (about three hours).


  • Value for money
  • Excellent for hair and animal hair


  • Absence of laser mapping, WiFi and other smart functions
  • Limited accessories included

iLife V5s Pro Robot Vacuum

The iLife V5s Pro model is one of the best results from its catalog, in the price range of $200. Without going into high-end features such as WiFi connection or home navigation system, the V5s Pro excels at basic functions, offering a powerful vacuum in two speeds: normal and max, for dense carpets or with pet hair.


But also this robot has a 300 ml water tank that allows the cloth to be wet, complementing the daily cleaning of the floor. It is possible to choose between three cleaning modes : spiral -for large surfaces-, normal -for medium-sized rooms- and manual -guiding movements from the remote control.


The remote control allows programming by hours, although it does not distinguish between the different days of the week. If you don’t want to get involved with schedules, you can mark it up simply by pressing the Clean button.



  • Self-scrubbing option (Hard Floors only)
  • HEPA Integrated


  • Unable to scan rooms
  • Anti-fall sensor malfunctions

Proscenic 820S Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If you want to have a clean house with shiny floors and healthy air, then you need a good robot vacuum cleaner like, for example, the Proscenic 820S!

However, the Proscenic 820S robot vacuum cleaner appears to be a fairly large appliance with a specific weight despite its modern and technological gray metallic design. 


Unlike many other similar models, its intelligent navigation and cleaning system is an iPNAS 2.0, and it can be seen very well from the perfect moistening of the cleaning cloth. The water will be distributed evenly, and there will be no unnecessary waste, especially when the latter needs to be refilled.


Despite weight and size, however, the Proscenic 820S robot vacuum cleaner is also quite silent since it does not exceed 55 decibels.  To kick off the dances, simply download the app, which works on both Android and iOS devices, Proscenic Home to schedule cleaning even from outside the home.  The robot vacuum cleaner Proscenic 820S will be yours for the modest sum of $120 on Amazon, a truly recommended purchase!


  • Dirt Detect technology
  • Compatible with Google Assistant, IFTTT and Alexa
  • Quiet compared to others


  • Absence of mapping
  • Autonomy can be improved

Ecovacs Deebot 500

The Ecovacs Deebot 500 is another vacuum from the Ecovacs Brand: it includes a 520ml tank and can work in both vacuum and washing modes. In addition to taking care of all the traditional dirt, this model is among the few that can even clean water stains on the floor.


In this case, however, we are dealing with a model designed mainly for all tiled and wooden floors. To all this are also added the other advantages of this model: the spiral path, the systematic cleaning of the same stitch, and so on.


  • Smart functionality and remote control
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home
  • WiFi available


  • Limited Accessories

Amaray A800 Robot Vacuum

This Amaray A800 robot vacuum with automatic suction technology is equipped with a motorized active brush capable of carefully cleaning every surface.


It has four cleaning methods and the possibility of purchasing the model equipped with the floor cleaning function. Navigation is safe thanks to the presence of bumpers, fall arrest sensors, and infrared sensors that recognize the presence and type of obstacle.


It is a real attachment to daily cleaning. It is equipped with features present on much more expensive models.


  • Has good autonomy
  • insists a lot on dirtier areas
  • Excellent battery and robot durability


  • Cleaning is random at times
  • Sometimes it is too abrupt.

What is the best robot vacuum cleaner?

Finding an affordable Robot vacuum cleaner has never been easier, and they have come a long way. Although there is still a lot of skepticism about these technical wonders, the models on the market are so advanced and rich in technology that most “conservative” of buyers that this generation of robots is already the future of domestic cleaning!

How much does a robot vacuum cleaner cost?

Just like all appliances, vacuum cleaner robots are divided into different types: starting from the cheapest ones that cost between € 100.00 and € 200.00, passing through those of average workmanship with a price of € 300.00 and the best products on the market that exceed € 400.0


These are models highly appreciated by buyers, for their low price and performance. In any case, solid and effective robot vacuum cleaners!. In general, while the more expensive models integrate smart navigation features for zone mapping and Wi-Fi connection, the most affordable ones pull the remote and random navigation.

It is advisable for you to take advantage of the continuous offers on Amazon and these reviews to find the model tailored to your interests.

Robot vacuum cleaners have transformed and revolutionized an entire sector: now keeping your home regularly clean is a child’s play. Are you still undecided about which vacuum cleaner to buy?  This is the definitive guide to choosing the best vacuum cleaner. If you want to see more then check out the rest of our posts in our robot vacuum cleaner reviews

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