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Ecovac’s Robotics is a Chinese based technological company that is really here to just make life easier for most of us. Ecovac’s was founded in 1998 by Qian Dongqui. Ecovac’s was initially started as a company that manufactured vacuum cleaning equipment but in 2006, the company rebranded and it now focuses primarily on producing robotic appliances for home use. Ecovac’s Robotics has its headquarters in Suzhow China. The company while being initially based in China however expanded its reach and opened offices in the United States of America, Japan and Germany and in August 2016, Thailand’s “The Nation” announced Ecovac’s intention to penetrate the Thai market. In addition to its geographical expansion of operations, Ecovac’s Robotics also increased the range of its products to include window cleaning, air purification and mobile entertainment appliances.

Ecovac’s products have gained worldwide popularity and approval since their introduction into market. This is understandable because human activity and schedules have taken over the attention people would normally give to their homes. Technological advancement caused an increase in the range of things technology can be used for. The use of robotic technology in the home greatly eases a lot of burden placed on home owners. Robotics are not only precise they are also more consistent than human and have a higher level of productivity this is even apart from the fact that robots wouldn’t forget to clean that spot near the couch that bothers you so much. Ecovac’s Robotics recognized the need for mechanical help in maintaining the home and acted on that need. Ecovac’s products are useful, affordable and efficient.

Ecovac’s products range includes the DEEBOT which is a floor cleaning device, the Winbot which is a robot that cleans windows and the air purifying robot called the Atmobot. Most recently the UNIBOT was released which is even smarter than your average smart robot. The UNIBOT combines air purifying, floor cleaning and home monitoring abilities. All Ecovac’s Robotics products are run with smart technology and are extremely safe for use. The DEEBOT is powered by smart motion technology and has anti-drop and anti-collision sensors so don’t worry about it bumping into you cat. The DEEBOT also has self emptying rubbish bin features (so amazing) and an internal water reservoir which enables its wet mopping feature. The Ecovac’s Winbot which is a window cleaning robot is run by Smart drive technology which enables it clean a vertical glass surface.

Ecovac’s Robotics feature a very wide range of robotic vacuum cleaners, here at vacuum a lot, we have taken all of them and reviewed them for your ease.

  • Slim Neo

The Ecovac Slim Neo vacuum cleaner looks as good as its name. It has a compact design which makes it appear sleek and high tech. The Slim Neo compact design however isn’t just to make it pretty. Its portability enables it to easily access hidden corners and low areas, all crumbs and dust particles are definitely getting cleaned with the Slim Neo. This product also has sensor navigation for pet hair and tangle free suction which protects all your little furry pets and ensures all shedding is cleaned up.

Using the Slim Neo is basically a no brainer. With its enabled smart phone control, there’s no fear of losing a remote control. You can literally get your home cleaned up while lying in bed and ignoring texts, it’s like having magic wand.

In addition to the automatic charging feature, the Ecovac Slim Neo also has a powerful battery life. The working time for per full charge is approximately 110 minutes, power outage or not, your home is getting cleaned. Other wonderful features of the Ecovac Slim Neo include

  • 1 minute spot clean time
  • Dual side brush
  • Low noise level
  • Daily cleaning scheduling

The Ecovac Slim Neo is definitely an appliance to have and you can check the prices and  get it below

  • DEEBOT N79 Vacuum Cleaner

The Ecovac’s DEEBOT N79 vacuum cleaner can be accurately described as the face of ultra modern technology. This vacuum cleaner comes with Wi-Fi enabling feature, a protective bumper (your furniture is safe) and tons of other features. The N79 vacuum cleaner is perfectly suited for hardwood, light coloured thin carpets and tile floors.

While the N79 vacuum cleaner is also designed to be controlled with a smart phone, it has the added advantage of a regular remote control which comes with it so no worries if your phone is low or in your car outside. The adaptability of the N79 vacuum cleaner is one of its most attractive parts. It has three bonus specialized cleaning modes; there is spot mode which is activated when a particular spot is to be cleaned and the edge mode which is activated for the cleaning of corners and edges. The N79 also has a bonus air filter which enables it capture particles in the air while it cleans.

Using the Ecovac N79 vacuum cleaner improves the cleaning experience and makes the entire home more refreshing. To get this refreshing experience check the price and order the Ecovac N79 vacuum cleaner below.

  • DEEBOT M80 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Ecovac’s DEEBOT M80 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner is more “pro” than its name suggest. This is the most efficient multitasking cleaning robot in the world. The M80 can sweep, mop and dust. It has anti drop sensors which automatically stop it from falling down a flight of stairs (if it falls down there was definitely foul play involved).  It also has anti collusion sensors to prevent it from bumping into anything. You would think that that’s awesome enough but no, the M80 doesn’t stop there. The M80 pro had activated voice commands; yes, you can literally tell it what to do! While using the M80 pro you don’t even have to turn up your TV or speak up when making a phone call. The M80 pro has a noise level of 56db which is barely a hum; it gives no distractions and just cleans without disturbing anyone. The M80 app is also available for both Android and Apple devices and it has its own traditional remote control.

The most exciting feature in the M80 pro robotic vacuum cleaner has to be its wet/dry mop feature. It doesn’t just mop your floor, it wet mops the floor and dries it immediately after so basically if the M80 isn’t falling down, it’s making sure you don’t fall either.

  • DEEBOT Slim 2 Vacuum Cleaner

The Ecovac DEEBOT Slim2 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is a 2.2 inch vacuum cleaner. Size is definitely no determinant of efficiency as the little vacuum cleaner performs its function with maximum speed and efficiency. The Slim 2 is equipped to work on bare floors only. It has a dry mop feature in addition to its sweeping and vacuuming (it does all three at once!). The Slim 2’s small feature makes it great for cleaning under beds, couches and furniture. Like other DEEBOT appliances, the Slim 2 can automatically find its way to its charger, just ensure the charger is in an open place (it’s too tired for hide and seek after all that cleaning).

The Slim 2 is a portable efficient robot that can (and should) be gotten below

  • DEEBOT N78 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The N78 vacuum cleaner is a very efficient sweeping device. It has wide reach side brushes that enables it clean a large area at a time and a suction design which makes it an excellent tool for cleaning up dirt, pet hairs and dust. The suction feature off the N78 is also specially designed to prevent any form of blockage so you do not have to worry about how much dirt it has sucked in. The N78 vacuum cleaner has been specially built to work optimally on hardwood floors and tiles; however it also works on thin carpets and rugs. Just like other DEEBOT robots, the N78 is built with powerful battery and anti collusion features. It also has great adaptability as it has both the spot and edge cleaning mode to maximize cleaning in both open spaces and hidden corners. Check the latest price and rating of the N78 Robot Vacuum Cleaner below

  • DEEBOT M88 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The Ecovac DEEBOT M88 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is exactly what you need for a lazy Saturday. This vacuum cleaner doesn’t just clean up your home it goes a step further. The M88 vacuum cleaner has multiple cleaning modes you can choose from which are;

  • Auto cleaning mode
  • Spot cleaning mode
  • Edge cleaning mode
  • Single room mode

You don’t have to worry about mopping either, the M88 comes with both wet and dry mop features that mop and dry up your floors immediately. The M88 also has two different high powered suction modes that are interchangeable and it is Wi-Fi enabled. The best part about the M88 vacuum cleaner however is its efficient tackling of the toughest dirt in various corners of the house; this is of course not surprising as the M88 features a special brush for deep cleaning.

Give yourself the perfect lazy weekend and still have a spotless home by purchasing the DEEBOT M88 Vacuum Cleaner below

  • DEEBOT R95 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The DEEBOT R95 vacuum cleaner is a robotic cleaner with a beautiful twist; it has mapping technology. What this means is that while other robotic vacuum cleaner perform the regular cleaning, mopping and drying, the R95 vacuum does all that and in addition has a laser scanner and mapping feature that enables it scan a whole area and clean it at once while avoiding any obstacles. It doesn’t stop there. The mapping technology enables the R95 to continue cleaning from where it stopped before charging! This means continuous thorough cleaning despite time lags until the whole home is properly cleaned. In addition to that really amazing feature, the R95 vacuum cleaner is also compatible with Alexa. This basically means that you can tell it to clean (literally). The R95 has activated voice commands that spur it into action all you need to do is tell Alexa what to tell your DEEBOT R95; “Ask DEEBOT to make me a bowl of soup”,  well you might have to make your soup yourself but ask DEEBOT to start cleaning and it’ll get right on it. Get yourself a DEEBOT R95 vacuum cleaner below

  • DEEBOT D45 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The D45 vacuum cleaner is one of those things everyone should have at home. It’s a portable vacuum cleaner that has most of DEEBOT features. This vacuum cleaner (which is really affordable) is perfectly suited for hardwood floors and has an almost miraculous tendency to clean up every strand of pet hairs and debris on the floor; it doesn’t matter if you have 15 cats and 3 dogs this vacuum cleaner would make you love your pets unconditionally (now that their annoying hairs isn’t your problem anymore). Of course after sweeping of all the dust, this vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a water reservoir to mop your floors and dry them immediately. The D45 vacuum also comes with a remote control of its own so you don’t have to worry of your smart phone is unavailable. Daily scheduling, object sensors, anti drop technology and auto recharge are other DEEBOT features that are part of the D45 vacuum cleaner, those and of course the powerful battery. Your home isn’t really complete without the D45 vacuum cleaner but that can be easily remedied by clicking on below.

  • DEEBOT D80 Floor Cleaning Robot

The first thing to be said about this robot is that it’s beautiful. This is one very good looking cleaner; you could even keep it out after its done cleaning just to show it off. This golden coloured beauty however isn’t just all beauty and nothing else. The D80 floor cleaning robot has more to offer than looks. This device does not just sweep the floor, it sweeps, mops (wet and dry) and even polishes your floor. All you need to do is attach a cleaning cloth (it can be disposable or reusable) to its mopping plate, turn it on and watch it give your floor the best shine it’s ever had. The D80 also isn’t restricted to any specific type of floor. Its rugged motor wheels enable it to be adaptable to different kind of floors and to move from one floor to the other. To make it even cooler, door sills do not intimidate the D80; it can climb higher door sills than most other robotic floor cleaners. The D80 is a highly efficient and versatile device, lucky for it’s just a click away. Get your D80 floor cleaning robot below and enjoy!

  • DEEBOT R98 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Ecovac’s R98 is a versatile multipurpose vacuum cleaning robot. This robotic cleaner comes with a hand held vacuum that had multiple cleaning attachments. It also has both wet and dry mop features to ensure your floor is kept squeaky clean. Fun fact about the R98 vacuum cleaning robot; it’s a clean cleaner. The R98 after vacuuming the floors and sucking in all the dust and debris goes back to its base and empties its bin. You don’t have to empty the R98 because it can take care of itself. With the R98, you can also set boundaries. The R98 is an efficient cleaning robot and a respecter of privacy, use the Ecovac app to set boundaries for your R98 and it will restrict itself to where you want it to. Why exactly haven’t you purchased the R98? No need to answer just click the link below and enjoy your R98.

  • DEEBOT M81Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The DEEBOT M81 pro vacuum cleaner is a vacuum cleaner that’s higher than your average vacuum cleaner. It possesses not just a brush or a suction plate but the both of them! The M81 is equipped with both a brush and a direct suction plate; this gives the user the opportunity to choose which is best suited for the floor. Another thing that makes the M18 better than your average is that while it has the three cleaning modes some other robotic vacuum cleaners have which spot mode, edge mode and auto mode, the M18 has an additional cleaning mode which is the max mode. The max mode has very high suction power and would get rid of the toughest dirt. Waste no further time and quickly get the M81 pro below

  • DEEBOT M82 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The M82 vacuum cleaner is best suited for bare floor or a low pile carpet. The M82 sets itself apart from other vacuum cleaners with its remarkable battery life; it can stay for 150 minutes after a full charge. The M82 has four cleaning modes, daily scheduling feature, tangle free suction and other features carried by DEEBOT vacuum cleaners. The thing is there is nothing to not love about the M82 and the best way to know this is to find out by clicking on below and getting yourself one.

Ecovac has made homes an actual place of rest with their wide range of robotic home appliances. Thanks to each of these appliances, you can own your weekend completely.