Best Samsung Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Everyone these days is busy and no one can manage the time for cleaning the home manually. As you know that necessity is the mother of invention so in this modern age, cleaning process has also been made easy because vacuum cleaners have been introduced. In fact, among the vacuum cleaners, there is a big variety on the basis of types, brands and prices. These days, we see that robotic vacuum cleaners are trendy and if you have such a vacuum then you don’t need to hire any maid for cleaning purpose. Today, we are going to review the best vacuum cleaners.

Why only Samsung Robot Vacuum Cleaners?

Samsung is a very popular brand for electronics and from smart phones to cameras, from laptops to vacuum cleaners; all the products are very reliable. You can compare the robot vacuum cleaners of Samsung with those of other companies and you will see the prominent difference. In fact, Samsung has provided offered wide variety of robot cleaners so that you can choose the best one.

The top Models of Samsung Robot Vacuum Cleaners:

Among all the vacuum cleaners designed by Samsung, here is the list of best robot vacuum cleaners.

1.      POWERbot R9350:

samsung robot vacuum cleaners


The salient features of POWERbot R9350 are given below:

  • World’s most powerful suction- Among all the vacuum cleaners in the world, this model has the most powerful suction. This vacuum cleaner has 70X more suction as compared to the ordinary cleaners. Because of its powerful suction, this product delivers the best cleaning results.
  • Full view sensor and visionary mapping plus- If there are any object like furniture on the floor even then you don’t have to worry. An onboard digital camera is installed in it and also nine smart sensors that create and save a detailed map of your home. In this way, the device can smartly detect the optimal cleaning path itself. All that you have to do is to simply turn it on.
  • Wifi connectivity- POWERbot R9350 contains Wifi connectivity feature as well that is helpful for many purposes. For example, from your smartphone, you can remotely choose the room that you want to clean.
  • Works with Amazon Alexa- It really works well with Amazon Alexa. If you want to thoroughly and remotely clean your home then connect this device with Amazon Alexa. Through voice control, you can run this device and in this way, you can easily clean your home.


Want to know about the pros of this vacuum cleaner? Well, POWERbot R9350 comes with the following main benefits:

  • The combo brush that comes with POWERbot R9350 is really useful for picking up pet hair with fewer tangles.
  • This vacuum is really useful for thoroughly cleaning all the dust and dirt particles.
  • The powerful cyclone force system is useful for separating the debris and dirt particles into a chamber in order to avoid clogging and to maintain long lasting suction power.
  • The visionary mapping plus feature is really great because the product can create the map of your house and then it can clean the surface itself without any further instruction.
  • Amazon Alexa feature is available in some latest vacuum cleaners and POWERbot R9350 is one of those. Through this feature, you can control this cleaner through your voice simply.
  • The suction power of this vacuum cleaner is really great and you will be amazed to know that its suction power is 7 times greater than other cleaners.


  • This vacuum cleaner sometimes gets stuck under the furniture. This is actually the area where Samsung vacuum cleaners really need improvement because many other cleaners work smoothly even in the rooms containing furniture.
  • The wifi connection of POWERbot R9350 sometimes may not work. Because of this reason, Amazon Alexa service cannot be availed at the moment.

Besides these two cons, the vacuum cleaner is very useful and it can thoroughly clean your home. this is one of the best Samsung robot vacuum cleaners on the market today

2.      POWERbot R9250

samsung robot vacuum cleaners


According to the Samsung robot vacuum reviews, the following features of POWERbot R9250 have been found:

  • Optimal cleaning results- The suction of this vacuum cleaner is powerful as well as robotic and this powerful suction delivers the best cleaning results. The cleaning speed of this vacuum cleaner is 12.6 inches per second.
  • visionary mapping- There are many smart sensors in this vacuum cleaner and also, it has visionary mapping feature. Because of this feature, the device captures the images of all the rooms and then it knows where it has to move. In this way, it avoids all the obstacles and it does not get bumped into furniture.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity- Like POWERbot R9350, this model also has the feature of wifi connectivity. This feature supports the device in smart working as it can automatically move to all the rooms itself just by recognizing your voice through Amazon Alexa.
  • Point Cleaning- You can point this vacuum cleaner for on-demand cleaning. All that you have to do is to point the light beam of this device on the floor and there you go! This POWERbot will follow the light beam and will clean the surface.
  • Easy Pass Wheels- The large wheels of POWERbot R9250 can move smoothly even over obstacles. It can transition easily from hard floor to the carpet and this device is so smart that it uses appropriate action for different types of surfaces.


I am sure that you will love to have POWERbot R9250 because it has the following main benefits:

  • The product works automatically and even you can program your own cleaning time in it. Therefore, you can use the device in a way you want to use.
  • The filter is washable and so the maintenance of this device is easy as well as cost effective.
  • The dust container has comparatively larger capacity as compared to many other vacuum cleaners. It really works well on carpets as well as hard floors.
  • Whether you want to clean your tiles or the room having furniture, this robotic vacuum is really useful.
  • Samsung robot vacuum reviews have proven that the battery life of this cleaner is really great and so you don’t need to change the battery frequently.
  • You can even setup this robotic vacuum over Smart Home app like Amazon Alexa. In this way, it becomes really easy to use and control this cleaner.


Like the pros of this cleaner, you should keep an eye over the cons of POWERbot R9250 that are the following:

  • Some of the users have reported that the product gets stuck under furniture and it affects the cleaning process.
  • The product works well for single story house but if there are more than one story then the product may not work well.
  • If the things on the surface are lighter than 10 lbs. then it may break those things. You should keep all the light objects aside before putting it on the floor and letting it to start.

3.      POWERbot R7090

samsung robot vacuum cleaners


Here are the general features of POWERbot R7090:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity- The Wi-Fi connectivity feature is available in this model. Therefore, you can remotely control this vacuum cleaner through different ways. You can control it through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung Connect or Smart Home.
  • Edge clean master- the device is really useful for cleaning all the edges as well as corner. There are many people who prefer to use this model just because of this reason. What else do you want! Usually, the cleaners clean the entire surface in the rooms but ignore the corners and edges.
  • Intelligent power control- POWERbot R7090 is smart enough to automatically detects the surface types for example tiles, wood, laminate floor, etc. This product is really useful for optimal cleaning because it takes the appropriate action for different types of surfaces.
  • Washable Filter- The washable filter is fit in this vacuum cleaner and it is very simple to clean as well as maintain. This feature makes it different from many other vacuum cleaners.

Not only are these but there various other features of this model as well. Therefore, if you own it and use it then it means that you are not going to waste your money.


There are the following main benefits of POWERbot R7090:

  • With the help of this vacuum cleaner, you can make all types of surfaces clean. Whether you want to clean the carpeted rooms or the floor having furniture, you can equally get the best results.
  • It is a vacuum cleaner that is easy to clean and maintain as well.
  • The suction power of this model is really great and it is enough to clean the area properly.
  • It is one of the latest vacuum cleaners and it really competes well with all the other brands as well.
  • Among the best Samsung robot vacuum cleaners, POWERbot R7090 is really great because you can control the device through Amazon Alexa.
  • The device has washable filter and therefore, its maintenance is very easy. The life of this filter is long lasting.


POWERbot R7090 is a product that contains the following cons:

  • You may get some issue with the battery life of this model. The Samsung robot vacuum reviews have shown that the life of its battery is small comparatively.
  • It may not work well on all types of surfaces and even some people have found that the claim of the company that it cleans all the edges and corners as well is not actually true.

Beside these cons, this model of robotic vacuum cleaning technology is proven as great and none of its users have reported any serious drawback yet.

4.      POWERbot R7070

samsung robot vacuum cleaners


Want to explore what is so special about POWERbot R7070? Here are its common features:

  • Visionary Mapping plus- The vacuum cleaner has nine different sensors and an onboard digital camera that are valuable for capturing and saving pictures of your home and surroundings. Because of this feature, the cleaning has become really advanced and you don’t have to worry anymore about furniture in the room. You just need to let this device on and then it will work automatically.
  • Self-Clean Brush- POWERbot R7070 has a self-clean brush that is useful for cleaning or removing air tangles.
  • Cyclone force technology- almost all the latest models of Samsung vacuum cleaners have this feature built in. Because of cyclone force technology, the vacuum cleaner is supplied with consistent power even with less clogging. In order to maintain long lasting suction power, the dirt and dust goes into a separate chamber.
  • Wide Brush- The brush is really wide and thus it supports the cleaning of larger areas in less time. The width of this brush is 11.4 inches and it is 42% larger as compared to the normal brushes. Therefore, it can easily clean the larger surfaces without the need of much movement.


The following are the main pros related to this model:

  • This vacuum cleaner is very smart as it can automatically detect all the dirt particles on the surface. In fact, the product can detect different types of surfaces like carpet, hard floor, wooden surface, etc. and then it provides optimal cleaning on the basis of the surface.
  • You can simply schedule this model for example seven days a week. in this way, it will work itself on a daily basis and it will keep your home clean even if you are not at home. No more manual instructions wil be required.
  • The device is compatible with the Smart home app, Google assistant, Amazon Alexa and some more applications.
  • The washable filter further makes the job easy for you and it makes the product more convenient. All that you need to do is to clean up this filter and there you go!


Want to know about the drawbacks of POWERbot R7070? You will literally be happy to know that no major drawbacks of this model have been found yet. Anyways, the following are some areas where the company needs to update this model:

  • The users of this model have complained about the warranty period. they have reported that warranty of some other models is longer as compared to this one.
  • You may sometimes get the issue in it wifi connectivity.

5.      POWERbot R7040

samsung robot vacuum cleaners

samsung robot vacuum cleaners


When you will have a look at POWERbot R7040 then you will really be impressed and you will love to own this superb vacuum cleaning model:

  • Scheduling- The best thing of this vacuum cleaner is that you can schedule this product. For this vacuum, you can set the no. of times it has to perform the cleaning task. For example, you can set one time daily and then this vacuum will work independently.
  • Edge clean master- In POWERbot R7040, there is such a system that it can even move through the edges and corners. Therefore, it will not leave any dirt of dust anywhere on the surface and it will thoroughly clean your home.
  • Compatible with different apps- This model is really compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Smart Home. These apps let you manage and control the device in a very simple way. Through Amazon Alexa, you can even manage the device through voice control.


I am sure that the following pros are going to impress you:

  • The model is really impressive and its shape is quite smart and beautiful.
  • The price of this robotic vacuum cleaner is also very reasonable and that’s why you will love to own it. In fact, you can get this model if you have small budget.
  • The suction of this product is really great as it is very powerful and it comes with two different settings.


Do you want to know about the drawbacks? There are the following simple drawbacks associated with this model:

  • The product is not good enough to clean the corners together with the edges. It may leave some dirt and debris in the corners and edges.
  • POWERbot R7040 is a vacuum cleaner that has average battery life. You may find that some other models may have better life as compared to this cleaner.

6.      POWERbot R7010

Samsung robot vacuum cleaners

samsung robot vacuum cleaners


Let’s explore what’s so special in POWERbot R7010:

  • Full View Sensor- Because of the smart sensors installed in this robotic vacuum cleaner, this product can capture the shots of your home and even the surrounding area and then through Visionary mapping, the product can smartly move in your home so that it does not bump into any item like furniture.
  • Powerful suction- The powerful suction of this model is really significant and it supports the best quality of cleaning.
  • Washable filter- another impressive feature of this model is its washable filter. It means that this product is really simple to maintain. you can wash the filter and you can maintain it for long time.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity- The wifi connectivity seems to be a single feature but actually it is not. It supports multiple functions and most importantly, it is compatible with many useful apps for example, Amazon Alexa.


  • The product is latest and it has almost all those features that you can find in a highly advanced vacuum cleaner. It is one of the best Samsung robot vacuum cleaners.
  • The Samsung robot vacuum reviews have proven that the price of this model is really affordable. Within just a reasonable sum of money, you can get such an effective vacuum cleaning device that can automatically clean the entire surfaces in your home.
  • It is simple to use because its functioning is automatic. All that you need to do is to schedule it and there you go!
  • POWERbot R7010 has powerful suction and because of this reason, it supports the best cleaning.
  • it is powerful enough to reach even the edges as well as corners of your rooms.


Although there are many people who own this model but so far, no one has complained even a single issue about it. It means that the model is reliable and trustworthy. Therefore, what else are you seeking for! Having this vacuum cleaner will be a great experience for you. In fact, Samsung robot vacuum reviews have proven that POWERbot R7010 is an effective model and it can thoroughly clean your home.

My Personal Verdict- Which one is the best?

SAMSUNG Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Among these best Samsung robot vacuum cleaners, I have already stated the best models. Whichever model of vacuum cleaner you pick from them, you will get almost same results. Honestly speaking, I don’t have all the models of this cleaner but I have been using POWERbot R9250. I am really satisfied and I have not faced any issue yet. It is really working in the same way as I was expecting from it and that’s why I would suggest the same model to you as well. I have read many Samsung robot vacuum reviews and even from those reviews, I have come to know that POWERbot R9250 is really amazing. Not only it is affordable but it is effective to clean all types of surfaces. Therefore, think of using this vacuum cleaner and you will not have to put the efforts manually to clean your home.


If you manage to get the right vacuum cleaner then half the battle is already won. You should be very careful when choosing a vacuum cleaner and when it comes to the Samsung robot vacuums, these are actually trustworthy.

Use this information provided about the best Samsung robot vacuum cleaners to help you choose the best one.

These robot vacuum cleaners are so useful that they can clean your home without even lifting a finger. What else do you want! Cleaning is such a task that requires a lot of time and effort usually but if you have any of the above stated models then your life becomes very easy. No need to hire a maid! No need to take an off from the office for cleaning your home thoroughly but all that you have to do is to have such a latest robot vacuum cleaner designed by Samsung.


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