SHARK ION Robot Vacuum R85

The Shark Ion Robot Vacuum Cleaner – R85



This amazing Robotic vacuum features 3X more suction in Max Mode than the Shark ION Robot R75 series, it also contains an XL dust cup, and all the favorite features of the first generation.

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SHARK ION Robot Vacuum R85

Shark Ion R85

Description; Always tired of dirty floors? ,small dust bin for large trash? ,Then the new SHARK ION robot vacuum R85 got all that sorted. Great Wi-Fi connection actually not for surfing but for strong connectivity to distant  mobile devices ,This is actually more of an upgrade and reliable compared to a Bluetooth connection, It can actually give command from anywhere in the area be it the home ,office ,school or even the work shop as well.

Great voice control ,which is very compatible with Alexa or google assistant just makes Cleaning stress free and you wouldn’t have to shout at Juliet to get the home tidy. Extra large dust bin for longer work period and also powerful suction to absorb very little dirt at close range, wouldn’t have to bend down just to clean the floor for a broken glass or jar.

The Self-cleaning  brush roll is also an added boost! Great feature as you wouldn’t want to bother yourself cleaning up a robot after doing it chores, Its preferred black color it very lovely as it wouldn’t bother you for tough stains while cleaning . It also portable as well as it can even be added to your luggage while travelling too.

Still not sure?   Check out the Shark ion robot vacuum r85 in action below 


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