Aiper Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • High Suction& Cleaning Thoroughness
  • Smart APP for IOS&Android Phones
  • Intelligent Detect System
  • Multiply Cleaning Mode
  • Self-charging

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Aiper Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Aiper Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Aiper sounds like viper right?, Don’t worry you are not buying a robotic snake. This is a cleaning machine built to take care of animal hairs, debris or even food scraps thrown on the floor by the kids. With a 1500pa strong suction for effective cleaning, The Aiper is the  perfect all round robot for all of your needs

With four (4) different cleaning modes which include; Automatic cleaning for every day tasks, Spot cleaning for your coffee or food stains , Edge cleaning for your corners and around curves, and finally, Schedule cleaning for timing the robot to come out of its dock at a time to suit you. Interestingly this device automatically docks and charges itself, there is no need to worry about manual recharging, which will definitely saves your time.

App control is also included in this robot, this helps you to control the device away from your home using Bluetooth. The Aiper Robot Vacuum Cleaner is also very quiet, unlike your regular machine that makes lots of noise. Thin carpet and hard floors are just a pass for this cleaning machine as it scrubs, sweeps and keeps away dirt. It also has anti collision and anti drop technology that makes it detect risks such as stairs or furniture. So, we suggest that you Include this in your shopping cart right away!


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