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iclebo robot vacuum cleaner

Founded in the late 1980’s Iclebo started off as a robotic home improvement organisation, and by early 2005 it had designed and developed it’s first robotic vacuum cleaner.  Iclebo now claims to have some of the most advanced robots on the market and recently one fist place in the German Robot Vacuum Cleaner Awards.

The flagship product in the Icebo Robot Vacuum Cleaner range is The iClebo YCR-M05-10 Arte, this device is set to clean 94% more than any of it’s rivals and is already taking the market by storm by outselling some of it’s biggest competitors.  So Lets Look at the entire Iclebo Robot Vacuum Cleaner Range and let you make your own mind up on which one to buy!

iClebo YCR-M05-10 Arte

 iClebo Robot Vacuum Cleaner

iclebo robot vacuum cleaner

As we have said above the YCR-MO5-10 Arte is more than just a basic robot. It’s designers claim that it can clean up to 94% more than its competitors and is able to mop and sweep at the same time. It also has 15 sensors that are able to track its every movement along with additional bumper sensors which prevent it from hitting and damaging objects.  This along with it’s advance camera recognition technology allows the robot to minimise collisions and bumps while cleaning.  This particular model also comes with a viable acceleration which means that in the unlikely event that it did hit anything it would be at the slowest possible speed.

In terms of charge time and running time. The iClebo YCR-M05-10 Arte has the ‘lowest charge time and longest running time’ of all it’s rivals.  On a single charge the robot will run on optimum performance for 160 minutes. It will even return to it’s dock and recharge before running out of juice.

So lets Summarise what makes this robot so special.

  1. 160 minute run time
  2. 15 built in sensors to avoid collisions and bumps
  3. 2 in 1 sweep and mop function
  4. 2cm clearance- Meaning it can get over floor trims to clean multiple rooms on the same cycle
  5. Cleans 94% more than its rivals
  6. Multiple path programs
  7. Extremely quiet – Only 58 dBs
  8. A bagless dust bin
  9. Perfect for Pet hair and does not clog
  10. Scheduled cleaning, which means that it can clean while you are sleeping or away from the home

 There appear to be no cons with this robot cleaner, it is well priced, it has technology that far outweighs it’s competitors and it’s users love it.

The Rest Of The iClebo Robot Vacuum Cleaner Range


iClebo Omega Robot Vacuum Cleaner

iclebo robot vacuum cleaner

With a 4.3/5 star rating this robot is one of the most technologically advanced on the market, with it’s 5 step cleaning system which incorporates a side brush, a HEPA filter, A V6 blade for pet hair, a wet mopping facility and finally its powerful turbo boosted vacuum suction, this device is designed to clean pretty much anything.

With it’s 19 high tech sensors. The Omega is designed to know exactly where it is to prevent any bumps and scrapes and along with it’s built in camera it can detect any obstacles way before it reaches them.

So let take a snapshot of what the Iclebo Omega does

  1. Charge Time 180 Minutes
  2. Run time 80 minutes
  3. 5 Stage Cleaning System
  4. 19 built in sensors to avoid obstacles and stay on track
  5. Noise 68.5 db
  6. Comes with remote control for easy operation
  7. 5 stage cleaning system. Wet Mop, HEPA Filtration, Powerful Turbo Suction, V6 Blade for picking up the particles and finally side brushes for those hard to reach areas.
  8. Wide angled visual mapping system that picks up dirt that most competitors leave behind
  9. Max Mode for powerful intense cleaning
  10. Can climb up to 1.5cm

So what the iClebo losses in run time, it certainly makes up for in power and technology.



iclebo robot vacuum cleaner

The iClebo Pop comes with a new and advanced cleaning head which gives you superb performance when picking up pet fur, hair and dust.  The Pop also comes with an anti-bacterial filter trap which eradicates any tiny dust particles and allergens, leaving behind a fresh and clean smell.  This iClebo robot vacuum can perform up to 7 cleaning cycles per week and has a battery life that is 50% longer than its competitors

So, in summary, what can this Robot Vacuum Cleaner do?

  1. 160 minutes run time on a single charge
  2. Remote control operation
  3. Auto return when it runs out of charge or signalled by the remote control
  4. Specially designed for Pets and allergens
  5. Uses double whirling & space analyzing algorithms for maximum cleaning efficiency so it will not miss a spot
  6. Variable climbing mode to get over doorsills and rugs
  7. 2 in 1 mop and sweep
  8. Only 58 db – Making it extremely quiet when running
  9. 1 side brush
  10. Scheduled cleaning

This is iClebo’s entry level Robot vacuum cleaner, so it doesn’t have the technology, power and speed of the others in the range, but it will still out perform the majority of its compeitors


iClebo Alpha Robot Vacuum Cleaner

iclebo robot vacuum cleaner

As the creators of the first robot vacuum cleaners with Camera Vision Mapping Technology. The iClebo Alpha is the newest model in their range. Like the Omega, this robot comes with the innovative Max mode, that uses zig zagging to capture every piece of dirt and fur.  And like its other cousins, it is a mop as well as a vacuum. The alpha comes with a timer, so it can be set off automatically, or you can simply press a button on its remote control and let it go.

Here’s a summary of what it does

  1. 120 minutes run time
  2. 110 minutes charging time
  3. Max Mode
  4. 2 in 1 Mop and Vacuum
  5. High performance in hard floor cleaning
  6. Built in furniture protection system
  7. Only – 58 db
  8. 2 side brushes


Whilst on paper, this appears to be a great robot vacuum cleaner, it is very similar in specifications and performance to the Omega, and with a shorter run time than most of the other iClebo Vacuums you may need to choose power over cleaning time.

Vaccumalot.com now has a full range of iclebo robot vacuum cleaners in different styles and colours, as well as accessories for your iClebo robot vacuum cleaner. visit this link here and be sure to check out the range of marvel and star wars themed units.

So, there you have it. The vacuumalot.com guide to the iClebo robot vacuum cleaner range. 

Whilst this is not the most popular organization out there, The iClebo robot vacuum cleaner range is without doubt both innovative and well priced compared to its competitors.   They have developed technology that is far in advanced of even the well established robotics companies and they have a range of models that are suitable for any need. Although they do not appear to have brought a product to the market that is capable of cleaning medium pile carpets and rugs.   Although the advice is.  ‘Watch this space’

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