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BobSweep Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

bObsweep is a Canadian robotics company that was formed in 2011, The bObsweep robotic Vacuum  Cleaner comes in both the bObsweep and the bObi range, which are both sold to the mass market. bObsweep robots have the largest dust bags in production and most of its robots benefit from a 5 in 1 cleaning cycle which allows them to Vacuum, Sweep, Mop, Sterilize and Purify Simultaneously.  Over the years bObsweep has gained a cult following from gadget lovers who like to own sleek and stylish devices, and robots that perform like a premium robot, but will not break the bank

Lets Begin With Our Star Buy – And Our Favourite In This Range

SAMSUNG Robot Vacuum Cleaner

bObsweep Pet Hair Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

Bobsweep Robot vacuum cleaner review

If you are looking for an amazing all round robot, then you will not go far wrong by choosing the bObsweep robotic vacuum cleaner.  This versatile little machine is specially designed for tough cleaning, and specialises in picking up pet hair and mucky paw prints using its 7500 RPM turbo motor. bOb is an intelligent robot vacuum cleaner and is able to clean a room using three different cleaning modes.

  • Robot Mode– This is the predominat and most commonly used mode on the bObsweep. In essense, bObsweep will move around your house and clean every bit of it. the minute the battery life hits below 15%, bObsweep PetHair will return to its dock to get a full recharge.
  • Quick Clean Mode – If you don’t have enough time for a full and thorough clean, you can initiate the quick clean mode, to give your home a quick once over.  This is perfect for everyday cleaning when you just need small bits of dirt or dust picking up
  • Touch Up Mode – Vey similar to the quick clean. The only difference is that Touch Up speeds up the process and is a little faster. So, if you are in a rush, the Touch Up is able to clean your room in less than 15 minutes.

The bObsweep also isn’t just a vacuum, this robot has a 5 in 1 cleaning function which means that it is also able to mop, purify and sanitise as well as vacuum and sweep,  and with one of the longest main brushes of all the other robotic vacuums in its class, the bObsweep can pick up more with every sweep of the room, making it incredibly efficient and effective.

This glamorous and stylish looking robot comes in two colors,  Rouge (Red) and Champagne, although it is worth noting that the Rogue is a little cheaper.  But it isn’t just the color that makes this robot stand out.  Its sleek lines and beautiful design makes the bObsweep robotic vacuum cleaner a gadget to be proud of in your home.

Check out this video below to see what makes the bObsweep robotic vacuum cleaner so good.

So lets Kick off with the main Features of the bObsweep Robotic Vaccum Cleaner

  • The bObsweep comes with a huge 1 litre dust bin
  • The bObsweep is able to vacuum, sweep, mop, sanitise and purify all in one cycle
  • The bObsweep can run for 90 minutes on a single charge and even return to its docking station when it’s battery falls below 15%
  • The bObsweep is specially designed to tackle all forms of pet hair and paw prints.
  • The bObsweep comes with a HEPA filter to remove those nasty and harmful allergens from the air
  • The Bobsweep comes with a remote control allowing you to set a cleaning schedule and cleaning speed

Our Review

You can’t get away from the fact that the bObsweep Pet Hair is one cool gadget,  it’s 5 in 1 cleaning function makes it suitable for many services, although like most robots, it does struggle on heavy pile carpets and rugs. bOb benefits from some great added extra compared to its competitors, which really makes a difference, including the 400 NM UV lamp which sterilises your floor as it cleans. This lamp is therefore perfect for floors which have been subjected to pet urine or mucky grime.  The mop function of the bObsweep robotic vacuum cleaner also allows it to wipe up excess fluid using its built in microfiber cloth.  But don’t expect bOb to pick up a puddle of wee, as it does not physically pick up water.

Overall this is a really good machine for the price and although it does have some flaws.  (Pardon the pun) including its inability to sometimes navigate over really dark floors. it is an amazing machine for all round cleaning.

So lets review the pros and cons of the bObsweep Pet Hair Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


  • bOb is a cheaper option compared to its competitors
  • bOb is specially designed for pet hair and paw prints, making it the one stop product for dog and cat owners
  • bOb has a 5 in 1 cleaning system including a built in sanitizer and purifier
  • bOb is capable of vacuuming, sweeping and mopping most surfaces
  • Bob is really quiet and can be left to run at night without disturbing you
  • Outstanding customer support


  • When the 1 litre dustbin becomes full, the tiny wheels on the bObsweep struggle to move the robot around as quickly
  • Bob sometimes gets stuck in wires. be sure to remove all of these before sending him out to clean.

The overall verdict of the bObsweep Pet Hair

For everyday use this robot is a really good piece of gadgetry to own. Sure it has a couple of quirks and cons, but overall we think you will be really happy with it. With nearly 2500 purchases on Amazon.com This bOb will rival most premium robots in terms of cleaning performance and technology.  The only thing that it is lacking compared to its competitors is the fact that it is not Smartphone or Alexa compatible, if you can get over that then this is the bot for you.

The bObsweep Junior Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

bobsweep robotic vacuum cleaner review

The bObsweep junior is a simplified version of it cousin the bObsweep Pet Hair.  Instead of a 5 in 1 function this robot performs 3 in 1 – Vacuum, sweep and purify. So basically it comes without the mop function.  It also has a shorter running time of around 60 minutes.  But like all bObsweep robots, the Junior will still return to the docking station when it has a battery life of 15%

Check out this video on what the bObsweep Junior has to offer 

What the Features of The bObsweep Junior

  • bOb Junior comes with a huge 1 litre dustbin
  • bOb Junior comes with a HEPA filter for air purification
  • bOb Junior has a 3 in 1 cleaning function – Vacuum, Sweep and Purify
  • bOb Junior has a 60 minute run time and will return to its dock when it has 15% charge remaining
  • bOb Junior has 3 cleaning settings. Choose from among three cleaning modes: Go (large spaces), Waffle (small area), Wall Track (perimeter).
  • bOb Junior has an add on mop attachment if required

Our review

If you are looking for a simplified version of the Pet hair then this is the robot for you.  Customers comment that the suction of the Junior is on par with the rest of the bObsweep robots, so if you are willing to sacrifice the mop and sanitise function, then this is for you,  Although this can be added on if required.  Please note that the run time of the bObsweep Junior is only 60 minutes, so this is ideally suited for small to medium rooms only.

Lets Review The Pros and Cons Of The bObsweep Junior


  • Great for small to medium sized rooms
  • A huge 1 litre dustbox
  • Remote control function
  • bObsweep junior will return to the dock when he is at 15% charge remaining
  • It has an add-on mop attachment
  • It is really easy to set up
  • Outstanding customer service from the bObsweep team


  • Bob Junior is not Alexa or Smartphone compatible
  • Bob Junior only has a runtime of 60 minutes, meaning that if it is used in larger sized rooms or rooms with lots of furniture to navigate, it may run out of battery
  • Like all bObsweep robots, if the dust bag becomes full then it becomes hard for it to move around the room due to the weight on its small wheels.

The bObsweep Plus Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

bobsweep robotic vacuum cleaner

The bObsweep Plus boasts  x4 suction power for a really powerful cleaning experience, and its upgraded turbo lift gets rid of pet hair, dirt, dust and all other types of litter.  This version of bOb also comes with an mopping and sanitizing function..  A great feature of this particular bOb is that it comes with blOck plus.  This creates a virtual barrier of up to 10 ft to protect delicate furniture from being hit and damaged.

This bOb is perfect for larger rooms as it is capable of running for 75 minutes on a single charge, and it can also clean up to 1000 square feet.  Like all bObs. this unit comes with a fully functional remote control to allow you to program and schedule your cleaning cycle.  Finally, this robot also benefits from a self starting cycle, and auto resume to allow it to pick up where it left off after a charge or fault.

Check out this video below showing what the bObsweep plus is capable of 

So what Are  The Features Of The bObsweep Pet Hair Plus Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

  • This robot will run for 75 minutes on one charge
  • This robot will clean up to 1000 square feet in a single run
  • It has an add on mop attachment and UV light for sanitizing
  • This robot has 4x Suction power for a thorough clean
  • This robot comes with blOck –  a virtual barrier to protect your furniture
  • The bObsweep Pet hair plus also benefits from an upgraded turbo lift
  • Hepa filter included
  • Remote control included
  • Available in Colbolt or Charcoal
  • Large side brush for detailed cleaning

Our Review

The bObsweep pet hair plus really is a fantastic robot vacuum cleaner. its huge suction means that it can pick up virtually any type of rubbish, and its long running time allows it to cover a large area without running out of charge, Sure, it does not run as long as the original bOb pet hair, this model with more than make up for it in cleaning power ensuring that every spec of dirt is picked up the first time around.  Is auto start and auto resume function also means that you can use this on virtually any size room and it will simply pick up where it left off. Overall, this is a great robot for large rooms with multiple different surfaces.

What Are The Pros and Cons Of The bObsweep Pet Hair Plus?


  • x4 suction for a thorough clean
  • bOb Plus can cover over 1000 square feet in a single clean
  • bOb Plus has an auto resume function that can allow it to pick up where it left off
  • bOb Plus comes with a remote control to schedule and program your clean
  • bOb Plus has a 1 litre dust bag- which it is claimed to be the largest available
  • Of course it is perfect for pet owners
  • 5 in 1 cleaning functions = Vacuum, Sweep, Mop, Sanitize and Purify


  • As with all bObsweep robotic vacuum cleaners this device is not Alexa or Samrt Phone enabled
  • Customers have reported a complicated set up routine

We hope you have enjoyed our review of the bObsweep Pet hair, Junior and Pet hair plus.  If you have another model in mind, then please check out the link to the other 3 models that are available to buy.

The bObSweep Standard

The first bOb all round cleaner – Designed for simple and effective cleaning


Recently bObsweep have introduced a new range of robot vacuum cleaners called bObi

Check out their range below

The bObi Pet

bObi Pet inherits all the capabilities of bObi Classic, (see below)  but it includes lots of fun extras— this robot vacuum comes with increased vacuum power, an extra long battery life, an unrivaled warranty plan, sticking colors, and a new coat of the one-of-a-kind TouchMe™ texture.
Go ahead. Shed. bObi’s upgraded turbo suction motor reaches deep to collect all the fur and dirt trapped within the fibers of your carpet.
Cleaning marathon champion – bObi Pet’s longer-lasting battery extends her endurance, so she’s fit to cover more ground and finish victorious.
Exclusive TouchMe™ texture Feel it and you’ll never forget it: smooth, satiny, and immersive. The luxurious TouchMe™ texture covers bObi Pet’s surface in a silky sensation unlike any other.

The Bobi Classic

A small and compact robot designed for everyday use.

Fits your space –  with a slimmed down frame and over 80 highly sensitive and responsive area sensors, bObi slides easily underneath most furniture and steers clear of steep drops.
Fits your schedule – The bObi classic automatically starts up at any time of the day you want when you set her customizable schedule — a truly convenient routine you can count on.
Fits your style – Her graceful, slick design delivers a noticeable polish to both your floors and your home décor

We hope you enjoyed our review of the bObsweep robotic vacuum cleaner range.  We would love to know your thoughts and comments and of course your experiences of using this amazing and innovative machines  

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