The Best Carpet Robotic Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair 2018

best carpet robotic vacuum cleaner

As a pet owner you will know the lengths you have to go to to remove hair from your carpet, whether it is a dog, cat or any other household pet, the hair will build up on your floor, which means that you will ultimately end up vacuuming day in day out.  But if you had a carpet robotic vacuum cleaner that would do this for you at a specified time every day, how cool would that be?

Nowadays there are 1000’s of robotic vacuum cleaners on the market, some are general all-purpose cleaners, some specialise in mopping and some robot vacuum cleaners even work via your Alexa device, but there are very few robot vacuums that will clear pet hair efficiently and effectively,  regardless of what surface. So welcome to

The Best Carpet Robotic Vacuum Cleaners For Pet Hair 2018

In this guide you will see the best of the best robot vacuum cleaners for pet hair, all of these vacuums are designed to clean your hardwood or carpet floor at any given time of the day, and will help you keep on top of your housework, even when you are sleeping or away from your home.  You can even get your robot vacuum to perform this function multiple times a day.

So lets jump straight in to it and list our top 5 carpet robotic vacuum cleaners

ModelbObsweep PetHair Plus Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and MopNEATO BOTVAC D90iRobot Roomba 880Samsung POWERbot R9000 iRobot Roomba 980
Powerx4 turbo lift Nickel Metal HydrideNickel Metal HydrideLithium ionLithium ion
Self Docking
Remote Control
HEPA Filter
Cliff Detection N/A
Full Bin Indicator
Dust Box Capacity

1.00 L0.7LN/A0.7L0.5L
Check the Price and Buy

So how do I pick an effective carpet robotic vacuum cleaner?

Every carpet robotic vacuum cleaner should have a heavy duty bristled brush that can pick up both fine pet hair along with big clumps of matted hair.  Without this bristled brush you will always have half a job done every time your robot vacuum cleaner leaves it’s dock.

The are some robotic vacuum cleaners, like Neato Botvac, which uses a combination of squeegee and bristle. this allows for any type of pet hair to be picked up on any surface.  While the bObsweep Pet Hair Plus Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop uses sheer power to pick up pet hair with its x4 boosted turbo vacuum.

The final thing that you need to consider is the size of the dustbin,  it is all well and good have the best bristles, or the most powerful vacuum, but if you do not have the capacity to hold a lot of pet hair, your robotic vacuum will become full before the job is finished.  It is worth noting that the bObsweep carpet robotic vacuum cleaner has one of the largest dustbin capacity on the market, with nearly 1 litre of space available. More than enough for the average house.

How to get the best out of your Carpet Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

You can have the best and most expensive carpet robotic vacuum cleaner on the market, but if your room is not prepared then you will only get half a job done,  it is really important that you take 2 mins every day to prepare your room to ensure your device can do the job it is designed to do.

Pick up any dining room chairs or side tables.

Your robot vacuum cleaner will aim to reach every nook and cranny of your room, but you have to ensure that it can access every part of the room. Before you let your robot vacuum cleaner loose, ensure that you clear the room of any small tables and chairs that it could become entangled in.

Clear you room of any trailing wires

It is so easy these days to fill your room with chargers and cables for every device that you own.  But wires are a robot vacuum cleaners worst nightmare, Your carpet robot vacuum cleaner can easily become tangled in these wires and be unable to return to it’s dock,  if this happens on day one of a 2 week holiday, you could be coming back to a mountain of pet hair.

Keep your carpet robotic vacuum cleaner away from tasseled rugs

Whilst your robotic vacuum cleaner is capable of clearing and mopping most surfaces, it hates big fluffy rugs, these are the types of rugs that malt the same as a dog or cat and have long tassels that can easily become entangled in the bristles or working parts of a robot vacuum.  So stay on the side of caution and leave this off the floor where possible.  All other types of rugs and mats are fine!

Vacuumalot tip – Before you leave your carpet robotic vacuum cleaner on its own, watch it complete a full cycle.  Here you will be able to identify any problems or obstacles.  Once you are satisfied with the route it takes and what you can and can not leave around it, you can leave it to it’s own devices when you are away.


Our Recommendation -The Best Carpet Robotic Vacuum Cleaner 2018

The Bob Sweep Pet hair plus

This amazing carpet robot vacuum cleaner is specially designed for pet hair and paw prints, as we have said above, it has one of the largest dust box capacity on the market and has a massive x4 turbo lift vacuum.  It is available in Champagne, Cobalt and Charcoal and is stylish and sleek.

The bObsweep carpet robotic vacuum cleaner also has the ability to

  • Sweeps, vacuums, mops, UV sterilizes, and HEPA filtrates simultaneously
  • Automatically power up in its docking station when it is low on battery
  • Plan to types of room set up simultaneously
  •  Diagnose any issues with an on screen display

with a 4.6/5 rating on Amazon, this is one of the highest rated carpet robotic vacuum cleaners on the market, so clearly it does exactly what is says on the tin.

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