About Us

Here at Vacuumalot we live and breathe robotic vacuum cleaners, we review them, sell them and above all we love them.  We think that they are the future of cleaning and we will do everything we can to promote them to the masses.  Every Robot vacuum that we promote has either been rigourously tested by us, or it has been reviewed by a credited source, so we are focussed on quality and value for money.

Who Is The Author ?

I am Mark Beddau is a well known blogger from the UK who is famous for creating humor websites such as boredalot.com, brainlaugh.com and humormash.com.  However, I have now branched out and taken is website building skills to creating this website.  With a passsion for creating great looking and functional websites, I have now designed and developed a robot vaccuum cleaner website that will go up against some of the biggest websites in the world.

So why not take a look around my site, comment on my posts, or even buy some of the products that I sell on my website. It wpuld really help to support my family.

Why You Should Shop With Us ?

We are an honest and commited team of bloggers that just want to sell high quality, technologicaly sound and cost effective robotic vaccum cleaners.  We review every  robot we sell and listen to the people who use them. We then  form the best opinion we can make to recommend the best offer.